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 Secure Access ID Lookup   




Welcome to University ID lookup page!

  • All ESU students and employees are assigned an ESU University ID (also known as an "E-Number").
  • All ESU students and employees are assigned an ESU Username. Usernames are typically the first letter of your first name, followed by up to seven letters of your lastname (e.g. - Mary Simples would be msimples). In some cases, numbers are added to the end of the username for those that would have identical usernames. For example, If Mary Simple (msimples) was already a member of ESU, then Martin Simples would be msimple1 (notice the "1" replaced the "s" because usernames can only be a total of eight characters long).
  • If you have forgotten your username, you can look it up here.

- Enter your ESU Username.
- Enter your ESU password (this is the password that you use to login to Buzz In, Canvas, university computers, etc.).
Your SSN may be used in place of your Password in the password field (please do not include spaces or dashes). Do NOT type your SSN in the username field.
- Click "Lookup ID".
- Your University ID will be displayed.
- Instructions apply to the University ID Lookup page only.

If you do not know your Username OR your E-Number, please contact the IT Helpdesk:

Local: 620-341-5555
Toll-Free: 877-341-5555